Development story(2)

Development Story of “Cristal Sap eco”

Beneficial for people’s life

Sakohonten got engaged in developing “Yama-no-Kibudo Crystal Sap eco,” the world’s first cosmetic raw material with Crimson glory vine sap, also by an unexpected discovery. Sap is fluid which is present in cells of a plant and it contains nutrients essential to promote healthy budburst and growth. For a long time in the past people have been using sap as one of those items that were necessary for their daily life. In Finland the people have made it a custom to drink birch sap for health. Maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple. The exuded sap from maple trees is heated for much of water to be evaporated to form concentrated syrup. Today, both birch sap and sugar maple sap are used as raw materials to produce cosmetics thanks to their excellent ingredients.


Miraculous encounter with Crimson glory vine sap

In March 2011 the Kuji area had a heavy snowfall with an accumulation of more than 1 m. The road leading to the company vineyard located at an elevation of 450 m became impassable. We had to wait for a thaw before we started pruning which was usually done early of the year. This unexpected delayed pruning led us to discover the existence of Crimson glory vine sap. When we began pruning in early April, we were surprised to discover transparent sap dripping from the tips of pruned branches. We had never seen it during a usual pruning season. It was indeed a miraculous encounter nobody expected.


Beginning of extensive study on Crimson glory vine sap

Shigeru Sasaki, president of Sakohonten, who one day joined pruning work himself, licked a dripped sap and found that it had a clear taste like water. When he rubbed it into his hands, he felt the sap penetrate the skin which became moisturized. Shigeru consulted with researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Iwate Industrial Research Institute regarding potential usefulness of the sap. They gave him advice: “Since Crimson glory vine has already been proven to have strong antioxidant effects, the sap may also demonstrate similar beneficial effects as well, and therefore it is worth studying further.” Following their advice, in 2013 Shigeru started research and development for establishing a sap-related production business.


Proceed with a brand-new cosmetic material

Since Crimson glory vine sap was a new raw material that has never been used in the world, various tests were conducted to assure the safe effects on the skin along with analyses of its ingredients. The tests and analyses revealed that the sap contained saccharides, organic acids like malic acid, and amino acids such as glutamine and asparagine. The researchers concluded that Crimson glory vine sap could effectively work as skin moisturizers and cell activators. Sakohonten proceeded with development of a sap-related new product. In 2016 the company introduced “Yama-no-Kibudo Crystal Sap eco,” the world’s first cosmetic raw material derived from Crimson glory vine sap to the Japanese market.


Precious gift from nature harvestable during only 2 weeks a year

Sap used for “Yama-no-Kibudo Crystal Sap eco” is harvested from chemical-free organic Crimson glory vines grown in the company’s vineyard from the beginning of its opening. The sap is a valuable gift from nature because it can be collected once a year for only 2 weeks in April. The sap is essential for the growth of vines; Crimson glory vines once start budding, the sap will be used for nourishing the vines themselves without exuding. Unlike other botanical cosmetic raw materials which are usually extracted through solvents, Crimson glory vine sap is directly made into a product. Cosmetic raw material with precious natural ingredient, it is the “Yama-no-Kibudo Crystal Sap eco.”

Dripping sap from a branch

Budding Crimson glory vine

Sap just extracted from vine