Sakohonten manages all the stages of grape juice making:

cultivation of vines, pressing and packaging to

optimize a full extraction of the essence of Crimson glory vine.

Carefully selected ingredients

Ingredient vines from Iwate prefecture

Crimson glory vines, a species native to Japan, grow in wild in the mountains of the northern Tohoku. Iwate prefecture ranks No.1 in the production of Crimson glory vine in Japan. The products of Sakohonten are all made from Crimson glory vines harvested in Iwate.


Ingredients with a face

Crimson glory vines we use are harvested in the company’s vineyard or supplied by the licensed vine-growers. The company has the oversight of all the vineyard operations from managing soil to harvesting to offer products made from ingredients whose growth history is thoroughly known.


Pesticide reduction

Since 1971 when the company opened its vineyard, the principle of pesticide-free organic cultivation has strictly been adhered. The licensed growers have been using only a reduced amount of agricultural chemicals. They, in accordance with the company’s strict product safety standards, continue to make efforts to reduce the use of agrichemicals to offer safe ingredients.

Focus on manufacturing process

Careful pressing

Crimson glory vines harvested in September and October are carefully pressed all at once with French pressers to produce fresh juice with the taste in season and to extract the rich flavor of Crimson glory vine.


Aging for enhancing the thickness and smoothness

The squeezed juice goes into aging by the company’s original method, “3-year vacuum aging.” Tartar, which causes unwanted tastes, is naturally precipitated for 3 years, after which only the upper layer of juice is bottled. These time and labor intensive processes can produce the very best grape juice.


Commitment to additive-free food*

Crimson glory vine juice and puree are produced with no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colorings and flavorings of any kind. Polyphenol contained in products are all natural from vine. You are assured of safe consumption with taste and nutrients from Crimson glory vine.

* Except for “Kibudo Jam” and “Kosen Yamabudo”: Gelling agent is added to the former. Flavor, acidifier and coloring agent are to the latter. For further information see Products.

Delicate Taste

Looking for the authentic taste

The founder’s strong belief that beverage that was good for one’s health must also taste great led him to develop his own method, 3-year aging in vacuum by which the bitter and astringent taste of Crimson glory vine changes to mild and peasant one. “Never mask the flavor, bring out the distinctive one.”


The taste you never get tired of

The more you taste, the more you will realize a well-balanced combination of sweetness and sourness our products have. Additive-free natural taste will make you feel refreshed. It is the taste that you do not really get tired of so that you can drink it daily for your health and beauty.

Brand Name

What’s the meaning of “Ki” in the name, “Yama-no-Kibudo”?

“Ki” is written 生 (pronounced also nama) in a Kanji character, which means “pure” or “raw.”  The character is used as a prefix of various words such as Ki-ippon for pure sake or Nama-shoyu for unpasteurized soy sauce. The founder of Sakohonten named the juice “Yama-no-Kibudo” with his passion for introducing the intensely flavored taste of Crimson glory vine. His strong will is reflected in the word, “Ki.”