Crimson glory vine juice “Kanjuku Yama-no-Kibudo”

100% pure straight juice made from Crimson glory vine harvested in Iwate prefecture

“Kanjuku Yama-no-Kibudo” is 100% pure sugar-free and additive-free juice made from carefully pressed Crimson glory vines which are fully ripe because of late harvesting. Produced through “3-year vacuum aging,” the late harvest vines increase sugar (17 degrees) and polyphenol content and further enhance the smooth and rich taste of the juice.

Volume/Weight Standard Retail Price
(including consumption tax)
Measurement (glass bottle) Best-Before Date
100 ml ¥ 367 Ø 44 mm x 130 mm 12 months from the date of manufacture
if it remains unopened
600 ml ¥ 2,052 Ø 68 mm x 285 mm

Ingredients: Grapes (Crimson glory vine from Iwate prefecture)

Specific raw materials: none

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Preservation: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.

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